Better your team building in 60 minutes!


Better your team building in 60 minutes!

Need a good team-building activity for you and your co-workers? Look no further! An escape room is the ideal team-building exercise for any group, and it’s fun too! At TimberVault, we have 6 incredible escape rooms for you to choose from, all varying in difficulty. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of an escape room and which escape rooms you can choose from.

Why is an escape room the best team building activity?

An escape room is a challenging yet fun activity and can be the perfect opportunity to bond as a team. Your group will be unified by the premise of a shared goal, encouraging communication and cooperation to find the solution. Every team will have a range of varying perspectives, bringing out people’s strengths and creating a deeper bond between participants. All in the space of an hour! But what else makes an escape room the best team-building activity?

Improves Team Spirit

The whole team will have one shared goal, making it vital for everyone to work together. The objective and the limited amount of time will contribute to better focus and motivation, encouraging each other to find the solution efficiently. Problem-solvers will be supported and congratulated by their co-workers, which is great for team spirit! Once you’ve completed the escape room, you’ll know that you did it together, giving you a sense of accomplishment as a team. Completing the challenge together will leave you feeling good about yourself and your teammates, becoming a ‘dream team’ of such.

Improves Communication

Communication is a vital part of solving any escape room. Finding every piece of the puzzle is all well and good, but if all the puzzle pieces aren’t put together, you won’t find the solution! Teams will be required to collaborate, sharing every clue with their co-workers and working together to solve the puzzle. This could also help some of the quieter team members to raise their voices, after all, it’s not always the loud voices who have the best ideas. Everyone should feel comfortable sharing their suggestions, and an escape room is a perfect environment to encourage this.

Identifies Team Building Strengths

Everyone has different skills, and that should be celebrated! An escape room is the perfect activity to understand everyone’s strengths. The variety of puzzles will highlight different skills, so everyone will find their strong point. Finding everyone’s strengths and allocating the puzzles accordingly is the most efficient way of solving an escape room. This way, everyone will contribute to the solution and everyone will feel a sense of accomplishment!

Encourages Problem-Solving

Alongside communication, problem-solving is at the centre of any escape room. You’ll be faced with a range of different challenges, encouraging you to think creatively as a team. The pressure will increase as the timer ticks, but it’s important to work together to manage stress levels. A creative team with good problem-solving skills is a force to be reckoned with.

Highlights Natural Leaders

Every great team needs a great leader. You might be a manager looking for someone to help you lead the next big project. Interviews can be great, but it doesn’t help you see first-hand who is a natural leader. Escape rooms are a high-pressure, challenging environment that can help show who works well as a leader even under pressure. 

Creates great team building memories!

Ultimately, escape rooms are fun! Employees who have great memories together will work well together as a team. After all, a positive environment can get anyone through the workday! Knowing people’s strengths, being able to encourage each other, and praising each other for positive outcomes are all things that can be implemented in the workplace. Team building is an important process within any company. Make great memories and an even stronger team with an escape room today!

Choosing your escape room

Ready to get started on your team-building activities? It’s time to pick your escape room! At TimberVault, we have six escape rooms for you to choose from. All of our escape rooms are suitable for 2-6 people and last for up to 60 minutes. Choose from:

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