The Bank Heist

Grab the loot, it’s time for a bank heist. Assemble your crack team of thieves, navigate the security systems in the bank and escape with as much money from the vault as you can before the cops show up. You have 60 minutes and counting!


Welcome to the most daring adventure of your life – The Bank Heist Escape Room! Are you ready to step into the shoes of a mastermind criminal, solve intricate puzzles, and make a thrilling escape with your ill-gotten gains? Gather your crew, plan your strategy, and get ready for a heart-pounding experience that will put your wit and cunning to the ultimate test.

Enter the world of high-stakes heists as you find yourself in the heart of the bank of Plymouth’s vault.


The Bank Heist Escape Room immerses you in an atmosphere of tension and excitement, where every second counts. The combination locks, laser systems, and hidden safes stand between you and the ultimate prize

A successful bank heist requires seamless teamwork. Each member of your crew brings a unique skill set to the table.


Communication, coordination, and collaboration are vital as you work together to execute the perfect heist and escape before the law catches up with you.


Gather your crew of daring accomplices and book your Escape Room experience now. Plan your strategy, hone your skills, and be prepared for a heist like no other.

The Bank Heist, escape rooms, plymouth

The cops are closing in, and the seconds are ticking away


Can you crack the vault, outsmart the security, and make a clean getaway before time runs out? Book now and prove that you have what it takes to pull off the ultimate bank heist!

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