Baker Street

You have been enlisted by Sherlock’s arch-enemy, Professor Moriarty. Your task is to break into 221B Baker Street, the famous home of Sherlock Holmes, crack his codes and failsafes, and retrieve an item of historic importance.


Hurry though, Sherlock and Dr Watson are on the case.

You only have 60 minutes before they return!

Welcome to the most thrilling adventure of your life – the Sherlock Holmes Escape Room! Outsmart the world’s greatest detective and embark on a journey of wit, deduction, and intrigue. Our meticulously designed escape room will transport you to the heart of Victorian London, where a perplexing mystery awaits your keen intellect.

As you enter 221B Baker Street, you find yourself immersed in the atmospheric setting of Sherlock Holmes’ iconic residence.


The room is filled with clues, puzzles, and enigmatic objects that hold the key to solving the mystery. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to unravel the secrets concealed within these walls.

221b Baker Street, escape room, plymouth

Only the most brilliant minds will emerge victorious. As you piece together the puzzle and crack the final code, bask in the glory of outsmarting the challenges that awaited you.


Your success is not just an escape; it’s a triumph over the mind games set by the master detective himself.


It’s one thing to top the scores in our leaderboards, it’s another to beat Sherlock himself!

The game is afoot, and the clock is ticking


Do you have what it takes to escape the Sherlock Holmes Escape Room? Book now and prove that you have the wit and cunning to rival the legendary detective!

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