Sub Zero, a true challenge. The spy-sub HMS Pandora has been decommissioned after its entire crew was lost during a secret mission. Evidence of its previous operations can never fall into enemy hands!


Your team needs to use the 60 remaining minutes of life support to dive in, reconfigure the submarine’s controls, access the self destruct function, and escape before it’s too late. Good luck!

Dive into an immersive adventure with our Submarine Escape Room – an experience that combines nautical intrigue, teamwork, and the thrill of escaping the depths of the ocean. Are you ready to navigate through the mysteries of the deep sea, solve underwater puzzles, and resurface as heroes?


Prepare for an unforgettable journey with a staggering 45% completion rate! Join the elites and conquer this escape room.

Step into the confined yet fascinating world of a submarine, where steel walls echo with the sounds of the ocean depths.


This Subversive Escape Room transports you into an environment filled with sonar blips, flickering control panels, and the mysterious hum of the deep sea.

Sub zero, hard escape rooms, plymouth

Explore the intricate chambers of the submarine to uncover hidden compartments.


As you delve deeper, you’ll encounter clues that lead to the ultimate revelation. Use your observational skills to unveil the secrets concealed beneath the surface.


In the confined space of the submarine, effective teamwork is your greatest asset. Each member of your crew plays a vital role in communication, collaboration, and a shared determination to resurface

Sub zero, difficult escape rooms, plymouth

Pressure builds and time ticks away


Can you solve the underwater puzzles, repair the submarine, and resurface before it’s too late? Book now and be ready to challenge your wits as these puzzles may leave you breathless!

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