Area 51 & Roswell are highly debated subjects. Imagine something similar on your doorstep…. rumour has it that in Plymouth there was an incident and hidden away in a basement there is evidence to prove it. No one knows what it contains but you and your friends are about to find out as you have stumbled across it.


Does your group have what it takes to determine if it is a conspiracy or the real thing?

Prepare for an extraterrestrial adventure like no other with our Alien Escape Room – a cosmic journey where mystery and science fiction collide. Are you ready to unravel the enigma of an alien encounter and escape the clutches of an otherworldly realm? Brace yourselves for an out-of-this-world experience!

Be prepared for close encounters as you navigate the escape room. Alien life forms may hold the key to your freedom, and deciphering their intentions is crucial. That is, if they’ve actually been here.


Stay vigilant, for every interaction may bring you one step closer to understanding the alien narrative that unfolds around you.

Explore hidden compartments, decode interstellar messages, and unlock the mysteries of the cosmos.


The Alien Escape Room is a voyage into the unknown, where every discovery adds a piece to the grand puzzle.


Can you unravel the galactic secrets that lie at the heart of this extraterrestrial experience?

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The extraterrestrial realm is unforgiving, and time is of the essence.


Can you decipher the alien mysteries and escape before it’s too late? Book now and be ready for an intergalactic escape like never before!

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