Roles You Can Play In An Escape Room


Roles You Can Play In An Escape Room

Ever wanted to try a escape room? We don’t blame you! We have a range of options for you and your friends to try out. When composing your team, you may be wondering where you fit in. We’ve put together a few of the different roles you can play within your team’s dynamic. Read on to find out more!

The Leader

The decision-maker, the strategy formulator, and the all-round person who keeps your group in check. As there are so many different areas and distractions within an escape room, it helps to have someone keeping the team focused. 

The Organiser

With all of the different clues that can be found within the escape rooms, it’s important to keep tabs on what’s been found and what needs to be solved. This way, you won’t waste your time on things that you don’t need anymore. 

When doing a checklist, you’d want to keep an eye on what tasks need completing and which you’ve already done, right? Think of an escape room as an ever-evolving checklist. You’ll want someone to keep a structure of what to do and what has already been done.

The Timekeeper

Ever looked down at your phone and wondered where the last hour has gone? That’ll happen here. As you only have 60 minutes to escape, making sure someone is on top of timekeeping is vital. You can be the one who makes sure everything runs smoothly to ensure you finish the escape room in time! Remember, your objective isn’t necessarily to beat the high score, it’s mainly to escape the room.

The Cheerleader

Puzzles, riddles, decoding, and people in general can really take a lot of your mental energy. It’s easy to feel fatigued or overwhelmed when surrounded by a room of people trying to figure out solutions… Stay calm and be positive! Having an optimistic member of the team can bring a bit of light to the darkness when everything seems to be looking bleak. Have your team’s back!

The Solver

Some people absolutely excel in putting pieces together. Usually, you’re best off sharing the weight though! Everyone has unique knowledge in certain areas so if you’re having trouble figuring something out, get your team involved. It goes without saying, if you know you’re great at figuring out problems, put your opinion forward and help as much as you can.

Quick Tips For Escape Rooms

Working together as a team is your winning factor. If you are in separate groups playing one room together, do not distance yourself! If you work as a unit, you’ll have a much higher chance of getting through the escape room faster. 

Communication is key. Without this, you’ll be the instrument to your own downfall. Speak out loud, shout when you’ve found clues or anything that can potentially bring you closer to your goals. By doing this, you let the clue master in on where you are in the game. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and the game can run as smoothly as possible.

Be observant of everything in the room. Check around for labels, indicators and other clues that may be more subtle than others. Follow the instructions carefully as well. Whether they are from clues around the room or the clue master, the instructions are there to keep you safe and progress the game.
If you’re looking to book into one of our escape rooms or fancy a few more top tips for escape rooms, take a look at our website. Also, feel free to contact us directly and we will see how we can help. See you soon!