Escape Room Tips & Tricks


Escape Room Tips & Tricks

So, we’ve heard that you’re into escape rooms, well we are too! Not only do we rate our escape rooms in Plymouth as one of the best things to do near Plymouth, but we also reckon we can give you one heck of a challenge. Why take our word for it? Come down and check us out!

Before you embark on your escape room journey, we’ve compiled a list of a few of the top tips and tricks you should know. Between assembling your team, solving puzzles efficiently and not breaking anything, we’ve covered a lot of the bases!

Selecting An Escape Rooms Team

Although COVID-19 has put a near stop to ‘public’ games, many escape rooms are still functioning under a ‘private’ game model. This does mean, however, that you can shape your team exactly how it needs to be. 

Range in different age groups, if possible, to cover an extensive range of knowledge. There is also a great benefit to making sure you have the right team size. Sure, you can aim to have the most amount of players permitted but this can lead to each player experiencing fewer puzzles and ‘Woah! I got it!’ moments. Along with this, there will be more minds to catch up to speed when a puzzle is solved which can cost you some precious time!

Communication is the key to success. When you find something useful, shout about it! Let everyone know that you have possession of a clue, whether it’s relevant right now or not. Do not be afraid to pass the baton either. Staring at a puzzle for too long can cause some serious head-fuzz! Chances are if you’ve all taken a turn on a puzzle and can’t come to a conclusion, you’re missing a piece of the puzzle. 

General Escape Room Tips

A great rule of thumb for escape rooms, whether you’re in an escape room in Plymouth or elsewhere, is keeping organised. Designate a space within the room to place puzzle pieces, and keep them tidy and easy to find. There’s nothing worse than finding a load of other clues to then need a previously found clue, which just so happens to be in your mate’s pocket.

Searching thoroughly is vital. If you find a stack of books, flip through all of the pages as some of them may have a false filling! Leave no stone unturned and leave no questions unanswered. Other great spots are checking coat pockets, within or around a safe, a secret compartment in cushions, etc.

If there is a safe, do not be afraid to attempt combo solutions as often as you can! Unless it’s one of those ‘lockout’ safes, there is no harm in continuously guessing once you have part of the cipher sorted. If you know the first 3 digits of a 4-digit code, just keep guessing!

Common Sense & Saving Money Ideas

Try not to break anything… It sounds silly but chances are if a key does not open the drawer, it’s not the right key nor the right drawer. Do not use excessive force to try and pry open something that’s just not ready to be opened. Our game masters will brief you beforehand on the dos and don’ts but this is a good rule to follow.

Save yourself some time & money! Be sure to check out our website for different offers & discounts we have going on. We’re always up to date with what’s going on around us. Another great source is checking out our social media pages via Instagram or Facebook for the most current discounts.

Are you up for the challenge? Visit us at TimberVault to try one of our amazing escape rooms! We’re located at 12 Derrys Cross, Plymouth, PL1 2TE. Alternatively,  you can book online or give us a call on 01752 218297. 

See you soon!