Looking for a New Hobby? Try Axe Throwing!

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Looking for a New Hobby? Try Axe Throwing!

If you’re looking for a new, fun but challenging hobby, give our axe throwing in Plymouth a go! Unleash your inner warrior on your own or with friends. Axe throwing is perfect for parties or just another pastime. Keep reading to learn more about activities to try at TimberVault.

What is axe throwing?

Axe-throwing is a target sport, similar to darts or archery. It’s growing in popularity in recent years, with more people picking it up as a new hobby. Players will stand behind a foul line, and try to throw an axe into a target. As with most target sports, the closer your axe lands to the centre, the higher your score will be! The highest amount of points will be awarded to a bullseye, with the score decreasing the further away from the centre your axe lands. Each player will add up their scores at the end of the game, the highest score wins!

Sounds pretty easy, right? Come and see if you have the skills to get a bullseye! 

At TimberVault, we have two different options for our Plymouth axe throwing. You can either choose a standard lane (regular axe throwing, up to 6 players) or one of our brand new interactive axe lanes (Champ Throw, up to 5 players).

Why try axe throwing?

Trying new things is a great way to broaden your perspective. Every new experience will help you learn something about yourself and, who knows, you might even enjoy it enough to turn it into a hobby! Here are six reasons why you should try out axe throwing in Plymouth. 

  1. It’s something different. Axe throwing is a very unique activity, and it’s only just becoming popular – but the hype is real! If you’re bored of the usual activities, you should definitely give axe throwing a go.
  1. It’s a good bonding experience. If you’re looking for new group activities to do with your friends, family, or even colleagues, axe throwing is a great option. With the perfect balance of fun and competition, it’s the perfect activity for groups.
  1. There’s a great community. If you do enjoy axe throwing and would like to make it a regular hobby, there are plenty of people like you. You can meet plenty of friendly people within the axe-throwing community at a variety of different levels. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you’ll find people to learn and have fun with. As well as this, there are axe-throwing competitions and even leagues!
  1. You’ll work out your core. Not only is axe throwing fun, but it’s also great exercise. It’ll give you a core workout, so if you’re working on that six-pack, look no further. The axe swinging will also give your upper arms a workout!
  2. You’ll feel good. The energy you release when swinging and throwing the axe can be a great stress-reliever. You’ll feel so much better after letting out any pent-up tension towards that target. Not only that, learning new skills is guaranteed to leave you in a good mood!
  1. It’s fun! Ultimately, the number one reason to try axe throwing is that it’s an enjoyable activity. This new experience is thrilling, eye-opening, and slightly challenging. It’s fun while giving you the motivation to improve, and you’ll feel incredible when you land your first axe in the target!

Ready to try it out? You can book an axe-throwing lane on our website! Our axe masters will teach you everything you need to know at the beginning of your 75-minute session. 

What other activities are available at TimberVault?

Not intrigued by axe throwing? We’ve got plenty of other things you can do at TimberVault. Firstly, we have six incredible escape rooms for you to try. You and up to five friends will have 60 minutes to solve each escape room! From our Sherlock Holmes room to our hardest room, Sub Zero, we’ve got the perfect challenge for you and your friends, family or colleagues. 

Fancy a bite to eat? Our Lumberjack Café has something for everyone. From all-day breakfasts to loaded fries, you’ll find the perfect meal to fuel your TimberVault activities. 

Waiting in the lobby or just popping in? Check out our arcade! Upon entry, we have a wonderland of family-friendly arcade games and activities to try. From coin pushers to air hockey, we’ve got you covered.

What are you waiting for? Come on down to TimberVault! Find us at 12 Derrys Cross, Plymouth, PL1 2TE.