What Is Game Of Throwing?

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What Is Game Of Throwing?

Welcome to another instalment of Timbervault Blogs. If you’re looking for a hub of fun things to do near Plymouth, you’ve come to the right place! Pop down to our venue at 12 Derrys Cross to take part in our escape rooms. Something witty not taking your fancy? Come grab a bite to eat at the Timbervault Diner where the portions are massive and the flavours are unbelievably good!

Today we’re going to be having a look at our axe throwing. Well, more specifically, we’ll be discussing what Game Of Throwing is.

Axe Throw Preparation

Game Of Throwing is a great way to celebrate special occasions. Why spend an evening doing the same thing you’ve done countless times before when, instead, you can grab your friends and charge our axe throwing lanes? But before you start charging, there are a few basics to keep in mind.

When it comes to clothing and your general apparel, wear something comfortable. Chances are you’ll be getting a bit sweaty, it is a sporting activity, after all, so keep that in mind in case you’re thinking of going to a fancy meal afterwards.

You’ll have a 15-minute training session from our dedicated axe master. This is when they’ll take you through the basics. Where to stand, what not to do, safe ways to throw, etc.


The axe head, blade and cheek up to the front of the eye but not past it. If there is no visible eye of the axe on the top of the axe head then it counts as where the handle would meet if going straight through. To be determined by the axe master if unsure.

Axes must be in the black line to count for that value:

  • 1 point for the 5th ring.
  • 2 points for the 4th ring.
  • 3 points for the 3rd ring.
  • 4 points for the 2nd ring.
  • 6 points for the bullseye.
  • 8 points for the Killshot.

Axe throwing distance is also accounted for. One foot must be on the floor while the axe is thrown. Players’ feet may not cross the 12ft line until both players have thrown their axes or it is a foot fault and scored a zero. Axes must be scored before crossing the line! This is mainly for safety.

Permitted techniques vary depending if you’re officially throwing for the World Axe Throwing League or just for fun. WATL players are allowed to throw axes in one of two ways. Hand holding the axe, in an overhand or underhand position, with the blade facing the target before release. Alternatively, hands holding the axe with the blade facing the target before release. No other style of throw is permitted and they must follow a specific rule set.

Be sure to come check us out! We have a great selection of escape rooms, game of throwing lanes and a top quality diner for you. Welcome to Timbervault, a land of fun things to do near Plymouth.