EXiT: Lord Of The Rings


Face the fires of Mordor in this Lord of the Rings EXiT game! Test your wit and guide Frodo to destroy the ring once and for all.

  • EXIT THE SHADOWS – In the land of Mordor, where the shadows lie, a great danger grows. Frodo and the Fellowship are on their way to Mordor to destroy the One Ring. Make haste and carry out Gandalf’s secret assignments. Can you buy Frodo enough time?


  • THE GREAT ESCAPE – All you have is a book and a strange disk to solve a series of riddles. Use strategy, riddle-solving skills and a little luck to find the solution to the puzzle at hand. Get your pen, paper, and stopwatch ready!


  • TWISTS, TURNS & TEAMWORK – The Exit Games are all about family fun for ages 10 and up. Round up your team for a challenging but not too difficult game. Put your mind to work, and think out of the box for this creative and resourceful gameplay!


  • IT’S GAME TIME: Get set for a game time of 1-2 hours. Add the Kosmos helper app for a timer, tips, instructions and more. This strategy game has 90 cards – 27 riddles, 30 answer cards, 30 help cards, 26 strange items, 1 story & rule book, and 1 decoder disk

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