Planning the perfect family day out


Planning the perfect family day out

Looking for recreation activities in Plymouth for you and your family? It can be difficult to choose an activity that everyone can agree on. The number of children and their age difference can sometimes make it seriously challenging to find something everyone will enjoy. We think TimberVault is the perfect place to go, with a whole range of unique, group-friendly activities for you to try. Keep reading for our top tips on how to plan your ultimate family day out. 

Fair compromise

The eldest wants to go axe throwing, the youngest wants to do an escape room, and your spouse wants to go out for dinner. It’s never easy to choose an activity everyone is happy with. But there is such a thing as a compromise! Thankfully, at TimberVault, you can do all three of these activities in one place. Pop in for a 75-minute axe throwing session, followed by a 60-minute escape room, all topped off with a delicious meal at the TimberVault Diner (new menu coming soon!) Now that’s a jam-packed family day out! Of course, you could split these activities over two or three different days if it sounds like too much. We have six different escape rooms to complete, so this is an activity you can revisit more than once!

But what if it’s three different activities? You can still make a compromise. You should consider whether all of the activities can be done on the same day, or whether it’s worth picking one at random and scheduling another for the next family day out. It’s important to consider every suggestion equally to keep the peace even if you can’t do everything. 

Make it extra special

It’s nice to treat yourself and your family every now and then, so why not plan something extra special? You could even keep it a secret to keep everyone intrigued. Look for recreation activities in Plymouth you may not have tried before or something you’ve done before and enjoyed. You might not plan your family days out very often, so it’s a good idea to plan something super exciting. This way, the family will always be looking forward to the next day out! Whether that’s one special activity or a full itinerary for the day, we’re sure you can plan the perfect day out for your family.

Plan for food

Every family day out needs some good food! Especially if you’re doing an activity that requires a lot of energy, you’ll need a meal to refuel. It’s important to find somewhere with a menu that suits everyone. You could choose somewhere you’ve been to before and loved, or try something new and exciting! 

At TimberVault, our diner has something for everyone. Our new menu is coming very soon, and you should expect some incredible food. From burgers to all-day breakfasts, we’ve always served some top-quality food. We also have plenty of options available for those who are vegetarian or vegan.

Have fun!

Most importantly, you should make sure everyone is having a good time. No matter what activity was chosen, you’re sure to have fun together. It’s important not to put too much pressure on yourself or your family to make it perfect. Sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned, but that shouldn’t get in the way of you enjoying yourselves as a family. 

Recreation activities in Plymouth

Thinking of spending the day at TimberVault with your family? Good choice! We have a few different activities you can do together.

  • Escape rooms. We have six different escape rooms available. Each one is up to 60-minutes long and suitable for 2-6 people, ages 10+.
  • Axe Throwing. This activity is great if your family has a competitive streak. Each lane is suitable for up to 6 people (5 in a digital lane), ages 10+. Feel free to book multiple lanes if you’re inviting more than 6 people!
  • TimberVault Diner. Our diner is the perfect place to refuel after an escape room or axe-throwing session. Check out our new menu coming on the 8th of August!

Ready to plan your ultimate family day out at TimberVault? Don’t wait! Online booking is available for our escape rooms and axe-throwing lanes.

Ready to plan your ultimate family day out at TimberVault? Don’t wait! Online booking is available for our escape rooms and axe-throwing lanes