Health Benefits Of Axe Throwing


Health Benefits Of Axe Throwing

There are some great health benefits of axe throwing. Not only are there incentives to improve your mental well-being, but it’s also a fun way to improve your fitness! Try one of the most exciting things to do in Plymouth today!

Timbervault is inviting you all to try something out of the ordinary, a new and exciting experience which has significant health benefits for everyone. It’s incredibly easy to get into. Simply book a lane, throw your axes and tally up the points to see how you’ve done at the end!

Take yourself back to a time when you can feel like a barbarian to help blow off some steam. The swinging actions also help you to build bicep & tricep muscles. If you’re looking to improve your arm and core muscles, while taking advantage of the therapeutic and endorphin-releasing fun, keep reading on!

Stress Relief

Sometimes a therapeutic release is needed in life. The tension from day-to-day routines can evaporate in an instance when you’re watching your axe soar through the air into the target. Not only does it look and feel awesome, but it also releases endorphins which improve your mood, increase your energy and speed up blood flow! If you bring co-workers, friends or family it helps create a more relaxed and stress-free environment. 


Axe throwing works on several muscle groups in your body at once. This includes your core, arms, legs, back, pecs and other muscle groups! An ideal situation if you’re looking to get into HIIT exercises in a fun way. You’ll notice time flies by when you’re axe-throwing but you’ll see the mental and physical health benefits after 60+ minutes in our lanes!


Bringing your friends and family members to chuck axes might not seem like the best idea… but hear us out. The most significant health benefit is from smiling and having fun! Axe Throwing can help relieve tension in the shoulders, laughing engages your core, and let’s be honest, a little alcohol never hurts anyone! It is a safe and fun game that everyone in any age group can enjoy. Invite your boss down from work for a healthy dose of competition!

Book Your Space Today

Our inviting atmosphere at Timbervault inspires everyone to champion each other to be better and make Axe Throwing the perfect place to meet new friends! You can even bring that special someone over for a date night they won’t forget! Get your lane booked today. If you have any questions, feel free to get in contact with us & we’ll help where we can. Join us for one of the most exciting things to do in Plymouth… See you soon!