Champ Throw In Plymouth

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Champ Throw In Plymouth

Time to upgrade your axe-throwing experience! Join us in introducing one of the greatest activities near Plymouth to the South West. We here at Timbervault are happy to announce that Champ Throw is now available at our venue!

In this blog, we’ll cover some of the basics of what Champ Throw is and how it can impact your experience (in a positive way!). If you’re still in your novice stages of axe throwing, we have a great blog to help you with getting your head around the basics. Read on to learn more about Champ Throw.

What Is Champ Throw?

Champ Throw is the next step in axe-throwing technology. A truly revolutionary way for you and your team to keep track of your scoring, engage with new game variants and bring your experience to a new level.

Champ throw runs an auto-scoring system. This means there’s no need for you, us or anyone to keep track of the scores! Letting you enjoy fast and easy gameplay. The crystal-clear projection keeps you engaged with all of the different visual elements and animations that occur during the game. 

There are several game modes to choose from. Between Bullseye, Monopoly, True Throw Royale and much more, you’ll never run out of different ways to play! Whether you’re taking on your opponents by simply hitting a projected target board, or hitting specific areas you can switch up the gameplay as much as you like.

You also have the option to utilise Champ Throw’s app. Personalise your experience, track lifetime game scores and grow yourself as a player all from here!

Why Try Axe Throwing?

A mixture of the force you use to lift and release the axe is amazing for stress relief. If you have any pent-up aggression or emotions this is a great way to release them! 

We all want a strong and beautiful core, and this activity is a great way to give your abs some workout. When you’re throwing axes with the proper form, you will feel the stretches in your abs. Aside from that, you will also feel it in your upper arm muscles! 

If you have a group of friends, family or colleagues it’s nice to add a bit of a competitive element into the mix. A new, refreshing way of team-building could be exactly what’s needed in your group dynamic.

Book An Axe Throwing Lane

Are you looking for axe throwing in Plymouth? We’ve got you covered! Get involved by booking your lane today! Don’t feel in the dark about anything either. Check out our website for more information or you can get in touch with us.