4 Health Benefits Of Escape rooms

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4 Health Benefits Of Escape rooms

In this blog, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the benefits of solving puzzles! If you’ve never taken part in an escape room before, we can honestly say you’re missing out on a unique experience. Players are transported into a movie-like scenario where you’ll need to put your team to the test. 

Not only are they a wonderful day/evening out, but they can also greatly improve several different aspects of your health and well-being! Below we’ve listed some of the top benefits of solving puzzles.

Improve Your Communication And Social Skills

Nothing screams teamwork more than team members physically screaming out of frustration or glee. Escape rooms force you to work together meaning your communication has to be crystal clear, otherwise it can lead to more of a mess! They are very popular for company days out where a team has to speak concisely, listen carefully and work as a unit.

Escape Rooms Can Improve Your Mood

Ever get that feeling of accomplishment which completely lifts your spirits? Escape rooms are filled with these moments! Completing challenges and solving puzzles causes these small releases of dopamine. At the end of the escape room, you’ll receive a large hit of dopamine which helps you feel energised and less fatigued. They’re also great for relieving stress! 

Enhance Your Motor Skills

Your hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness are known as your fine motor skills. From birth, your awareness of the world around you and your general knowledge grows every day. Certain events or routines help progress these skills and it has been shown that escape room puzzles can speed that process up!

Develop Your Brain Power

One of the benefits of solving puzzles is the transferable skills you can take with you. Being plunged into an immersive environment which tests your ways of thinking, problem-solving and communication skills help develop your thought processes. You’ll quickly learn how to break down a large task into smaller, more achievable goals.

Many escape rooms require a decent amount of memory retention. Players will need to recall something that they’ve seen, heard or interacted with earlier in the game to put the pieces together for future puzzles. Doing these tasks will help improve your memory skills in a similar way to how doing brain exercises or sudoku does. Any puzzles that utilise symbols, languages or codes are superb at increasing memory retention.

Why & Where To Book An Escape Room

If the benefits of solving puzzles alone haven’t convinced you try an escape room, we’ll explain a little more. Since the first live escape game was opened in 2007, escape rooms have become increasingly popular in Western Europe. The UK has become one of the top destinations in the world for escape rooms! There are at least 1500 escape rooms in the UK. With no show of slowing down, there are new rooms opening up every month!
Visit us at Timbervault and we’ll help you pick the ideal room for you & your team! Alternatively, take a look at our website to book an escape room. We look forward to seeing you!