4 Tips To Master Your Axe Throwing Skills

Medieval warrior berserk Viking with tattoo and in skin with axes attacks enemy. Concept photo

4 Tips To Master Your Axe Throwing Skills

Think you’re ready to hit the big leagues? We don’t doubt your skills in a lane, we just want to make sure that you’re ready to hit the mark with these 4 masterful tips to hone your axe-throwing skills. 

Axe Throwing Grip

Aside from finding your way to a lane and navigating yourself to not injure someone, your grip is the foremost importance. To have consistent power and a definitive throwing technique, you’ll need to start by mastering your grip.

If you’re new to the axe throwing game, we highly recommend starting with the 2-handed throw. This is mainly because it feels a bit more stable and sometimes people are thrown off by how heavy the axe is. Firmly grip the axe with your dominant hand then cup your non-dominant hand around your other hand/handle. Similar to how you’d imagine a lego man would hold their own hand… if an axe was in their other hand.

Axe Throwing Stance

A lot of your stance is dictated primarily by how comfortable you feel and your personal preference. There are some rights, and some wrongs but that’s where we at Timbervault can help guide you. 

Consistency is key here. Much like being consistent with your grip, the fewer variables you can throw into your technique, the easier it is to focus on what needs improvement. Once you become more comfortable with your stance, your body will become more familiar with the nature of the game and our preferred style will become more apparent. 

You can keep your dominant foot forward or keep them side-by-side, whichever you prefer is up to you. 

Axe Throwing Distance

Regardless of how you decide to throw the axe, mastering your distance or spot is another thing to take into consideration. Your spot will determine where there is an adequate distance between you and the target to get a perfect strike. Ideally, your axe should only make one rotation when thrown. 


It may sound rude but following through is important. Your follow-through or continuing motion after the throw contributes to the execution of the action. According to experts (that are more experienced than us), imagining yourself reaching around to your lower back after executing a ball or dart-style throw will produce better results. If you are using a stepping throw, you should perform a continuing step after throwing the axe. 


Axe throwing is an ideal sport for people who want an exciting and thrilling game that they can do in their backyards. This game only needs the basics, which are the axe and the target to be played. Whether you are playing for leisure or competition, mastering your grip, stance, distance, and follow-through, regardless of which style you follow, will significantly improve and perfect your throws.
Are you looking to test your axe throwing skills? Book into one of our lanes and show us what you can do! If you still feel like you need a bit more advice before venturing into Plymouth’s axe throwing, take a look at our previous blog Your Axe Throwing Beginner’s Guide. We’ll see you soon!