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Gift an axe-throwing experience

Struggling to come up with gift ideas for your friends and family? Gifted experiences are becoming increasingly popular. Purchase a gift voucher for an experience or activity – it’s unique and they’ll most likely love it! Axe-throwing is an activity which is gaining popularity in the UK. Why not gift an axe-throwing experience to your friends and family – who knows, they might even take you with them! Keep reading to find out why gifting an experience is a great idea, as well as some axe-throwing techniques (these tips and tricks could be a helpful part of the gift).

Shared experience

Experiences are some of the most personal gifts you can give. They allow you to spend some quality time with your friends and family, something which might not happen very often! Explore a new or favourite experience together, bringing you closer together. Who knows, you might even find your new favourite activity! Putting some time aside to spend time with friends and family is an invaluable gift and something unmatched on a personal level. Some ideas of shared experiences include: 

At TimberVault, you can find a range of escape rooms and axe-throwing experiences for you and your loved ones to try! 

It’s meaningful

Being stuck on present ideas often results in impersonal gifts. Your dad definitely doesn’t need another mug, and that cookbook will probably live on the shelf forever. Instead of looking through various shops trying to find something suitable, choose something that will stand out amongst the clutter. Gifting an experience means you know the present will go to good use, and it’ll bring someone joy! It doesn’t get much more meaningful than that.

One gift fits all

You don’t need to think too hard about what the experience is – whatever it is, it’ll be enjoyable! Whether you’re looking for a present for that one person who has everything or for a group of friends, you’re sure to find something everyone will enjoy doing. Of course, we wouldn’t recommend purchasing a skydiving experience for your grandma, but a spa day or fine-dining experience for her and her friends/family is perfect! 

They’re easy gifts

With no need for planning ahead to visit a shop, wrap presents, or even ship presents to those far away – experiences are an easy gift! Most experiences can be purchased online, making them completely digital and perfect for those last-minute panic presents. The recipient can plan the date of the experience for themselves, allowing them the flexibility to arrange it around their own schedule. 

They make us try new things

Many gift experiences are quite unique, and it can be great to try something new! Gifting an experience will allow the recipient to try something they might not have done otherwise, allowing them to experience new things. At TimberVault, we know for a fact that people love to try new and unique experiences such as axe-throwing. Perhaps you’ll uncover a hidden talent or even find your new favourite hobby! Escape rooms and axe-throwing are often bucket-list items – gift your friends and family the chance to tick something adventurous off their list. 

Axe-throwing techniques

Axe-throwing is becoming incredibly popular in the UK – it’s a fun, adventurous, unique experience and we’d really recommend giving it a go (although we might be a bit biased…). If you’re thinking about gifting an axe-throwing experience to someone, we have a few axe-throwing techniques you can tell them to try!

  1. Establish your throwing stance. Set up a consistent and reliable position for your body when holding the axe. Make sure you’re in line with the target and that you’re balanced when shifting your weight between your feet. 
  1. Find a comfortable grip. There are a couple of different grip styles you can try, it’s important to find the right one for you. The first is the Hammer Grip (the clue’s in the name, this is gripping the handle as though you would a hammer) and the second is the Modified Hammer Grip (similar to the Hammer Grip, but the axe is tilted forward).
  1. Execute the throw. It’s finally time to throw! You should let your arms flow in a smooth motion towards the target, releasing the axe once your arm is fully extended and parallel to the ground.

There you have it! You know how to throw an axe. Of course, we’ll teach you all of the best axe-throwing techniques when you visit us. Book your axe-throwing experience online or purchase a gift voucher for a friend! 

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